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RCA stands for Root Cause Analysis

RCA Expert® provides incident investigation and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) facilitation , consultation and training to help investigation team finding the real root causes of problems and develop an effective solutions.

RCA Expert® has more than 25 years of technical experience in Asset maintenance and reliability.

RCA Expert® has participated in a lot of incident investigations & RCA studies resulting in millions Saudi Riyals cost savings. Areas include: Plant shutdown, Equipment reliability, Environment, and Quality incidents.

RCA Expert® facilitation capability makes the difference between event success or failure though taking a neutral stance, manage discussions, get the best from all members, and bring the event through to a successful conclusion.

RCA Expert® has conducted tens of RCA leadership and professionals training sessions and has trained 400+ candidates in various companies in Saudi Arabia (Jubail and Yanbu), Europe and China.


Email : info@rca-expert.com


Incident Investigation,Root Cause Analysis,Failure Elimination, Process Improvement, Asset Performance Management, Strategy Evaluation, Reliability, Process Safety Incident, Performance Killers,Bad Actors.

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