How different minds can impact your RCA outcome?

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Group of minds come up with better results when solving problem and improve performance

One important factimg_4476or of the root cause analysis success   is having a team who are capable to collect and analyze data. The team backgrounds have to be different so the failure or problem will be looked at from most or all angles.

An important factor for successful root cause analysis is the presence of a team capable of collecting and analyzing data. Panel backgrounds must be different so that failure or problem will be considered from most or all angles.

But the problem usually lies in the ideal number of this team. The problem solving team is like any other team. It must have a clear goal that seeks to achieve a clear working mechanism, a specific time frame, and the distribution of roles and tasks correctly.
For example, the team must be composed of a person with superior administrative competence, who can overcome the difficulties that may arise on the surface from time to time. Then comes the role of commander or team leader. This is one of the most dangerous roles that may affect the whole process – I will talk about it in detail on another topic. The role of the investigation team also comes as each member has responsibilities directly related to the investigation team and to the department he represents.

Team Composition

Refers to the overall mix of characteristics among people in a team, which is a unit of two or more individuals who interact interdependently to achieve a common objective It is based on the attributes among individuals that comprise the team, in addition to their main objective.

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