RCA Team Size and Who?

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cropped-13.jpgRCA Team Size and Who?
RCA Team Size:

You should have between 5 to 7 people on your RCA team to start with. No more, no less. Less than 5 you probably do not have clear picture of how the event occurred as most likely you are missing information. More than 7, the team will become unmanageable. As the RCA progress, you will have to add people and let-go of people. The easiest way to achieve this, when you have a cause you can NOT explain, get someone who will. When people stop contributing, let them go, but make it clear, you will call on them again if needed, especially during the solution generation and implementation, they need to be part of it.

Who Should You Have on Your Team:

  1. The people who are involved in the incident are the most important team members. Make sure they are part of the analysis. They will be able to tell you exactly how the incident occurred, and they will help develop solutions and implement them.
  2. A Champion, A Sponsor, An Executive, or a High Level Manager must also be part of the RCA team. He/She can help you with any organization challenge you have during the analysis. They are the person to go-to that will help you break barriers, cut across organization, get you findings, help you get people outside your area to support you.
  3. A person with no connection to the incident. They get to ask the obvious questions that no one dares to ask. This will allow you to validate your analysis. If you can explain it in simple terms to some who has no connection to the incident, they you probably do not understand the problem yourself.

These are simple techniques to help you be effective at perform RCA and more importantly at achieving Effective Corrective and Preventive Actions.

Perform RCA is a very simple task, managing the team is much harder. Do you have the skills to manage the team? We can help you, call-us, e-mail-us, send us an inquiry!!!


Via EPS: Apollo RCA Training & Investigation


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